From Library and Archives

From Library and Archives

VEKAM functions as the memory of Ankara with its library and archive, which contain rich information resources. Constantly improving its collection by acquiring all types of publications on Ankara, including rare books, VEKAM has managed to become the primary reference center for urban studies on Ankara.

The collection of the library includes travel books; original novels in local and foreign languages; memoirs of foreign diplomats who officiated in Ankara; publications on history, culture, geography, economy, and architecture of the city; publications containing historical and cultural studies on Ankara; reports issued by local governments, professional associations and chambers; and local periodicals. The library also incorporates the Ali Esat Bozyiğit Collection, which contains private resources on folk culture.

The VEKAM Archive offers a rich content with the Vehbi Koç Collection which incorporates the main building blocks of the economic history in Turkey; the Ankara Collection which includes any information on Ankara; and the Age of Reason Collection which sheds light on the history of education in Turkey, also serving researchers through various kinds of materials.

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